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Exercise and Skin Health

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How Exercise Positively Impacts Skin Health


Exercise is good for our health, it reduces blood pressure, decreasing our risk of cancers and cardiovascular disease, inflammation, diabetes and obesity. However the effects on our physical health is not limited there.

Skin being our biggest organ benefits greatly from exercise, both vigorous and gentle. Below we discuss the implications and benefits of getting in your daily dose to glow.

Oxygen carries blood which carries nutrients... fuelling our cells

When we work out our heart rates increase, this increase affects the blood flow around our bodies. Our hearts beat faster and we require more oxygen to sustain this.. hence your start breathing more deeply and rapidly with vigorous exercise.

All of these affects on our body is positive and if done regularly exercise promotes wellbeing and sleep fullness. In turn positively impacting our skin health.

However, have you ever paid much attention to what is going on at surface level to your skin during a workout?

When we partake in aerobic exercise our heart rates increase and in turn this causes us to sweat. Sweat is amazing as it is absolutely packed with Natural Moisturising Factors such as Urea, Lactic Acid, Sodium and Potassium all of which play a crucial role in keeping the stratum corneum (SC) hydrated.


When you exercise you are getting a mini Facial, full of hydrating NMF's

The urea and lactic acid in our skin whilst being hydrating can also act to exfoliate our skin. These naturally occurring compounds work to brighten the skin, improving and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Be sure when you are working out not to have anything on your skin that may clog your pores. If possible try to have a clean face, as make up covers up our sweat glands which in turn can clog pores and lead to irritation or at worst acne. If you can exercise without any make up on, or a breathable weightless foundation and if you are exercising outside be sure not to skip your high protection SPF! Once you have finished working out wash your face of any bacteria that may have built up.

Your skin will continue to glow post your workout

Exercise boosts the cells metabolism so they can function better there is evidence to suggest that it even aids the elasticity of the skin. Apart from all of the physical and aesthetic benefits of exercise – it makes us feel good!

Exercise boosts our Endorphins, which are our feel good hormones.

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