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Our skin through the stages of life

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As we grow, we go through the many stages of life and so does our skin. From teenage acne to developing fine lines and wrinkles as we get older and for women there is a major impact of  menopause.

For many of us, going through our teenage years is when we start to take notice of our skin and recognise that it is something that is needed to be taken care of. Many people develop acne at this stage and will begin to use skin care products to help maintain their skin. Acne can occur at almost any age and is now also seen as one of the many symptoms that comes along with menopause. It sadly can impact how we feel and affect our confidence and it shouldn’t!


The first signs of aging occur at around 30 years old when our estrogen levels begin to decline. Of course, genetics can also play a part but generally at this age your skin will become thinner and dryer, the collagen that we build starts to decline and very fine wrinkles can start to appear. Additionally with sun exposure your skin may begin to pigment unevenly.

There is a plethora of anti-aging products available with many targeted at this age group. Many women and men will seek out cosmetic products and procedures that will help delay the signs of ageing, particularly for women in areas like the face, neck, and hands. Whilst this is certainly the time if you haven’t previously taken care of your skin, now is the time to start. However the best thing you can do daily, from as young as you can be is wear a daily SPF. Let’s not be ‘anti’ about ageing, let us embrace it!


In many cultures ageing is seen as a negative, and so for many women they find going through menopause difficult. Menopause is the one of the biggest physical reminders that you are getting older. As we go through menopause, our body goes through a lot of changes. Our skin is included in that. The actual structure of the skin changes as we get older. Our stratum corneum, which is the top layer of skin, becomes thicker and the epidermis, which is the layer underneath, becomes thinner.

We should embrace getting older as it is a privilege not all of us are granted.

Trans-epidermal water loss can cause an increase in skin dryness, this happens because the epidermal layer is thinner. The amount of collagen in the skin decreases as we get older, leading to a loss in elasticity. In aged skin, collagen is more fragmented and clustered than in young skin. Wrinkles begin to appear more pronounced and barrier function decreases. This is where a good skincare routine really does have its benefits.

Whilst good skincare is there to protect and boost our skins natural barrier, as good food and vitamin rich foods will protect and boost our skins collagen. Growing older is part of life and it doesn’t need to be a negative. As we grow older, we grow wiser!


We should embrace getting older as it is a privilege not all of us are granted, as we move into each decade we should be celebrating! How ridiculous is it if we are to feel sad every time we have a birthday past the age of 21?!

We can take precautions when we are young to keep our skin looking healthy as we grow older. With diet, exercise, reducing stress and ++ sun protection all high on the list and of course a good nighttime routine (Josie Dream Mask!!).

However, let us all embrace the skin we are in and feel confident at any age.


For growing older, truly is a gift.

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