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About Josie Rose

The Josie Rose Journey

Founders Story

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Anna Daniels RD, MBDA & Founder, Josie Rose Skincare

Anna Daniels founded science based and sustainably sourced skincare brand Josie Rose in 2019 following a successful career as an award-winning* dietitian focussing primarily on the positive effects of antioxidants. 

Growing up between Australia and the UK, Anna’s studies comprised a variety of specialisms across food science, nutrition, wine and viticulture; consistently exploring the role of antioxidants in each of these areas before going on to work with a skincare manufacturer gaining experience in the use of ingredients, their efficacies and the packaging they are housed in.

In pursuit of a new challenge, Anna followed her journey of nutrition to become a leading dietician in the UK which has seen her in demand to educate and inform the public on how to eat well whilst living in a world of food trends and fad diets.

With her knowledge of the positive effects of an antioxidant-rich lifestyle in nutrition, supporting her patients in a mental health capacity has been a key element in her work as well.

Anna’s quest to include best-in-class antioxidant skincare into her wellbeing portfolio has meant her ‘gut-skin-mind’ ethos takes a completely holistic approach – routines become rituals, moments of mindfulness nurture the soul, skin and mind.

On a personal level, one of Anna’s main interests has been to support whales and dolphins; adopting them over the years. Josie Rose Skincare supports the Whales & Dolphins Conservation.

*2017 Media Spokesperson of the Year.

Anna’s Press features 

Brand Story

‘There is no such thing as a “correct” skin-care routine, but there’s definitely an optimal way to get the best out of your routine.’ Anna Daniels, Founder Josie Rose Skincare

Introducing Josie Rose skincare, highly functional skincare comprising a rosta of one size fits all superstars where every drop has a direct impact on the skin leaving out unnecessary ingredients that aren’t going to have a direct benefit.

‘Through rigorous skincare testing where I would layer and buffer evidence-based ingredients in my quest to find the very best to hydrate and promote cell regeneration for optimal skin results, more frequently than not I would be stopped in my tracks with ingredients that had no direct function on the skin’s health.’ Says Anna

With antioxidants at the core of the brand, formulation work has been key to ensure stability and that the highest grade of ingredients have been used. Hero ingredients championing the brand’s nutrient-packed, high functioning formulations comprise a concentrated medley of Micro Algae, Rose Extracts, Australian Botanicals and Antioxidants (A, C & E).

Alongside this, the delivery method has been of equal importance; using microencapsulation techniques that the best in nature and science has to offer. Maximum protection in airless glass packaging shields the ingredients’ delicate properties.

Formulated in the UK, Anna Daniels is based in Harrogate, Yorkshire. The Josie Rose logo depicts that of a Yorkshire Rose, with Microalgae in the centre and petals representing hydration droplets.

Harrogate, famous for water, is symptomatic of the brand’s water holding properties – a key to healthy skin.

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