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Overnight mask vs Night cream

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The final step in your skin care routine usually consists of a moisturising product whether that is a night cream or an overnight mask. These products are designed to help hydrate your skin and add moisture.

Night creams are moisturisers which are typically thicker than the moisturiser you would wear during the day. Commonly formulated with ingredients which will hydrate your skin whilst also delivering active ingredients.

Night creams are designed to be used nightly towards the end of your routine after the application of serums and other topical treatments. Depending on your routine and preference you can also apply your oil on top or underneath. Their main function is to act to seal in moisture and they may also contain a few active ingredients.


Originally taken from the Korean skin care routine, overnight masks are meant to be the final step in your evening skin care routine. They are designed be used 2-3 times per week or more depending on the mask and your skin type or concerns. Overnight masks work to intensely hydrate and sooth your skin with no need to rinse off. Our Josie Dream Overnight Mask works to hydrate the skin, along with being absolutely packed full of active ingredients.

As our skin experiences a lot of stress and aggravation during the day. Using an overnight mask like the Dream Mask, means you can repair and alleviate the symptoms of such aggressors by keeping the skin soothed and hydrated. Skin cell renewal and turnover increase when the body is in a deep sleep, by wearing an overnight mask you help that process along.


Overnight Masks make a beautiful addition to your nighttime routine as they can be dabbed onto the skin making the experience of using a mask that bit more pleasurable and spa like.

Choosing a multifunctional (all in one) over night Mask means that you can also simplify your  night time routine. Our Josie Dream Mask has been designed to work exactly this. It is an intensely hydrating overnight treatment, yet combines all of the active ingredients you need for healthy renewed skin. The Dream Mask is packed with 20% actives, with a combination of 5% micro-encapsulated Retinol (1% pure retinol) and 1% Bakuchiol with stable Vitamin C, ultra-nourishing NMF’s, a blend of super active Microalgae, Rose, Botanicals and Fermented Honey. These ingredients will ensure your skin is optimally hydrated whilst the appearance of your skin is regenerated, whilst also protecting the barrier.

Our Josie Dream Mask can be used 3-4 times weekly, or up to 7 nights per week to increase the benefits.

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'It can replace all of your night time serums, treatments and moisturisers'
Anna, Founder Josie Rose Skincare

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