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Skin Minimalism

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Skin minimalism or skinimalism is a beauty trend which focuses on a simplified skin care routine and a natural, minimal makeup look.

The trend really took off during the Covid-19 pandemic as people were reassessing their beauty routines, leaving the house less and not seeing a need for wearing as much makeup. People have spent more time researching their skincare routines and realised they don’t need a long-winded routine to keep their skin healthy.

As there is so much information and skincare products out there nowadays, it can be overwhelming knowing what is going to work for you and your skin. Your skincare routine should be manageable, where you can be consistent and get the result, you are looking for. Adopting a minimalist approach means you can minimise complications by using less and incorporating more multifunctional products.

Adopt a skinimalist approach and incorporate multifunctional products like the Josie Dream Mask into your routine


If you are someone who likes to get the best results possible but with as little products and steps in your routine, you could adopt a skinimalist approach and incorporate multifunctional products like the Josie Dream Mask into your routine. Shortening your routine by choosing products which contain the specific ingredients you need to keep your skin looking its best. This will save you time, money, and waste.

As a society we have become more aware of our consuming habits and the impact they may have on the environment. Adopting a skinimalist approach means using less products which means less wastage. Reducing your carbon footprint and limiting any packaging waste.

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But how do you get the same benefits from several products if you are using less?

Multifunctional products like the Josie Dream Mask are the perfect addition to any skinimalist routine. The mask has all the ingredients in the formulation to replace multiple steps in your routine. It is so effective it can be used on its own without the need to buffer and layer with other products. You just need to cleanse as normal at night, ensuring you remove all the dirt and debris of the day from your face (including makeup if you wear it) and then apply the Josie Dream Mask to your skin, using tapping motions until it sinks into your skin.

"My skin has never felt like soooo smooth and looked so bright. I don’t like a complicated regime, so this mask it perfect for me"
5 Star Customer review
by Zaneta, Canberra, Australia.

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