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Sustainability & Ethos

Protecting your Skin
& the Planet

Sustainability is vital to us which is why we are so specific in how we source our ingredients and how we can give back.

Part of our mission is to create multifunctional products, meaning less steps in your regime.

Fewer products = less wastage, whilst no compromise to your skin. Our products are highly effective.

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We aim to access the beauty of nature without damaging the delicate ecosystem that it requires to survive. We source microalgae manufactured from naturally occurring oceanic plants and grown in clean filtered seawater. microalgae is a hardy and fast-growing sea botanical.

Our Rose water comes from Organic Farming and is fair trade. It is obtained by a single distillation from the petals of fresh flowers which continue to grow harvest after harvest. We use cold pressed natural plant seed oils, which are sustainably produced as during the harvest of oil there is little waste. 


Our bottles are recyclable, with an outer glass cylinder and inner plastic pouch. However these are shipped from Italy, so we are mindful of the impact on our carbon footprint. We certainly aren’t perfect; yet we are working towards it! 

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