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Vitamin C the Powerful Protector

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Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic Acid, is a powerful antioxidant, one of the strongest in our body. It can protect our skin from environmental damage and oxidative stress. Vitamin C has protective and youth renewing properties. It is useful in the synthesis of collagen and decreases the degradation of collagen.

Photo-damage can be reduced, and your skin texture, tone, and radiance can be improved. Vitamin C can be used in wound healing which means it is beneficial to use in the healing of acne scars.

Skin care is not your only source of Vitamin C, you also get it from your food. Good nutritious sources of Vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruit, kiwi, mango, and all good fruit sources of Vitamin C. Vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers are also rich in Vitamin C. The way you store and prepare these foods is important as Vitamin C can degrade which will reduce the amount of Vitamin C you absorb.

A diet rich in Vitamin C will assist your skin health from within and applying topical Vitamin C will assist your skin health from above.

Applying Vitamin C topically will still be beneficial as it can be hard for the nutrients you get from the food to reach the outermost layers of your epidermis. Topically applying your Vitamin C to the skin will mean you get the antioxidant benefits.

The way you store and prepare Vitamin C rich foods is important as Vitamin C can degrade which will reduce the amount of Vitamin C you absorb.

Drizzle Vitamin C rich vegetables with Extra Virgin Olive oil, to increase the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins into the body.

Applying Vitamin C topically can negate oxidants found in environmental pollutants that your skin comes in contact with and help your skin after UV radiation exposure.

The Vitamin C we use in our Josie Dream Mask is 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. This form of Vitamin C is incredibly stable, meaning the raw ingredient itself is protected and therefore works beneficially on the skin to promote collagen synthesis.



It has been shown that Vitamin C, when combined with Vitamin E is especially effective in the reduction of oxidative damage in the skin.  When the two are used together there is an increase in the antioxidant protection factor, protecting the skin against UV radiation.

The Josie Dream mask contains both Vitamins C and E. The two work to protect the skin from photo-damage and oxidative stress. The Vitamin C in the mask helps to keep your skins appearance healthy whilst other ingredients help to deeply hydrate your skin.

Your skin will reap the benefits from dietary sources and topical sources.. Whilst it can be highly unstable when used correctly Vitamin C is an absolute powerhouse!

Anna, Josie Rose Skincare Founder

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