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Why we love Micro Algae

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In today’s consumer rich environment it is highly important for us to use sustainable ingredients and minimise environmental waste. Hence we set out to use highly effective skincare ingredients which can be sourced sustainably for generations to come. 

Here we focus on Microalage and why we believe they offer up so much benefit without stripping the planet of its precious resources. Algae is one of Earth’s most resilient crops, it grows around 10 times faster than land plants. It is hugely diverse and rich in nutritional and antioxidant properties. 

As Microalgae contain many important components such as fatty acids, proteins unique pigments, and polysaccharides, making them ideal for the production of novel, high value, sustainable products.

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We use a variety of enzyme rich, fast growing Micro Algae.


One of the ingredients that we use is called Prasinoguard® and it is a natural marine-derived ingredient from naturally occurring oceanic unicellular plant grown in clean Norwegian seawater. It is manufactured using an ethical and sustainable production process where the algae is extracted using only physical methods (requiring no solvents). Prasinoguard® is an exopolysaccharide (EPS) which consists of common sugar subunits, such as glucose and galactose. 

There is oxygen from ocean plants in every breath we take.

Marine algae can survive in harsh conditions and have the ability to adapt and survive by producing substances which also act as antioxidants and protect themselves. Marine algae are one of the richest marine resources, rich in bioactive substances that have shown to exhibit strong benefits to the skin, particularly in overcoming rashes, pigmentation, ageing. 

These Microalage have demonstrated significant potential with In vitro and human studies have shown a wide range of biological activities such as anti- irritant, anti-aging and anti-pollution (skin-protection) properties. 

Another Microalgae we use is a purified enzyme concentrate from S.elongatus designed to repair common DNA damage,. The concentrate works to repair and renew the skin whilst the micro algae enzymes are protected in pharmaceutical grade liposomes.  

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