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Winter Skincare

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As we move into the winter months of dark nights and dropping temperatures, our skin needs some extra TLC. Our skin can go through some major changes during the winter months, the components of our skin structure can experience negative effects due to the seasonal changes. It is common to experience dry or irritated skin during the winter months. The function of our skin barrier can decrease and we can become more susceptible to dry skin conditions, this is especially true for people who already suffer with dry skin.

As the temperature drops and our central heating goes up, our skin, especially on our face, can experience dryness. When it is really cold, sometimes our face is the only part of our body exposed to the elements. Our skin can become dehydrated and the skin barrier can weaken. It can be difficult on our skin to go from the cold temperatures and low humidity of the outside to the warmth of our homes and workplaces.

Hydrating facial masks

Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is often used as a way to measure skin barrier function. TEWL can increase in the colder months. Moisturisers and overnight masks can deliver hydrating ingredients which can alleviate the symptoms the cold weather brings to our skin.

You can alter your skincare routine slightly to ensure you are providing your skin with optimal nourishment and hydration.

TEWL can increase in the colder months

Winter night cream protects you on skiing holidays

Using a gentle, hydrating cleanser like a milk or balm can be beneficial as they will provide hydration to your skin without being harsh or skin stripping. Add in more hydration by adding in a spritz if you don’t already. These can add an extra layer of hydration between steps in your routine.

Introducing a hydrating overnight mask like the Josie Dream Mask to your routine in the winter can be beneficial. The ultra-nourishing natural moisturising factors (NMF’s) provide deep hydration within the skin while the super active ingredients renew your skins appearance. The deep hydration provided by the mask will calm your skin, keeping it nourished and hydrated.

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As the nights get dark early, why not take advantage of this and do your evening skincare routine earlier than normal. If you aren’t going to be leaving your house for the rest day and have no reason to keep your makeup on (if you wear it), you can do your skincare routine and let it do its work whilst you enjoy your evening.

The mask also contains Cold Pressed Plant oils which add the extra level of moisture locking and rich antioxidant, calming properties.

A few tips on how to keep the skin from feeling dry during Winter

  1. Avoid Long Hot showers
  2. Avoid harsh cleansing
  3. Avoid over exfoliating
  4. Nourish, Nourish, Nourish
  5. A diet rich in essential fatty acids
  6. Ensuring you keep hydrating your skin from within (aim 2L fluids daily)
  7. Apply Dream Mask each evening
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